Ergotech dynamic elbow crutches

ErgoDynamic Crutch Features: -

• High quality aluminium to obtain maximum strength with a minimum weight (600g)

• Interchangeable anti-slip and soft grip for enhanced comfort: easy to replace when worn out.

• Patented “Backbone Structure” for rigidity, strength and safety

• Protective Epoxy lacquering

• Height Adjustable from 77cm to 107cm with a maximum safety locking device

• Weight Capacity 130kg per crutch

• Soft forearm protection to increase comfort

• Equipped with integrated shock absorbing mechanism to soften each step and avoid pain in hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders

• Fold up the handle for ease of handling, transport and storage

• Shock absorbing movement of 3.2cm

• Shock absorbing effect base that also helps prevent slipping

• Anti rotation device for safety

• Ergonomic forearm design with aero ventilation for enhanced comfort

• Available in White




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